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Interim Management

Do you have a critical challenge in covering your temporary business needs?

Interim Management is an effective solution where you can advantageously hire an experienced leader, consultant, or specialist for a temporary position.

There are several situations where your company may need Interim Management.

It could be when an urgent need arises that requires you to cover a central position for a shorter or longer period.

Picture this: a sudden demand arises, necessitating a pivotal role to be filled for a brief or extended duration. Consider the interim solution – a vital lifeline for your company during periods of transformation, growth, turnaround, restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or other unique circumstances. It effectively bridges the gap until a permanent solution or resource can be secured.

The benefits of choosing an Interim Management solution:

Choosing an interim solution isn’t just a quick fix; it’s a strategic move. One of the main advantages of choosing this option is that your company gets an experienced leader, consultant, or specialist who can immediately add value and drive the change that your company needs – for a limited period.

Moreover, the needs assessment, hiring process, and onboarding are faster than traditional recruitment, making it a more cost-effective way to cover your temporary business needs.

It is ideal to use Interim Management when you need someone who can take operational responsibility and deliver on your current and existing tasks. This might involve driving a change, undergoing a transformation of the company, or needing crisis management.

You should consider an interim solution if you:

  • Are in a situation where you urgently need to fill a position temporarily
  • Want an experienced resource who can take on the task from day one
  • Seek a quick and cost-effective solution for you and your company
  • Desire great flexibility in the employment relationship, e.g., regarding extension, openness about recruitment for the position, and potential permanent employment of the candidate

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