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Public and Non-Governmental Organisations

For public organizations and state-owned companies, the need to recruit and retain effective managers is crucial to maintaining complex organizations.

For non-profit organisations, the focus is on recruiting managers with the ability to professionalise and develop organizations while at the same time meeting the set goals.

Over the years, Nordic Search Group has carried out several recruitment tasks for the state, regions, municipalities, agencies, member organizations and NGOs. We understand the political environment and the hiring process in the public sector. We have experience from several levels – from municipal directors to heavy specialists within the public sector.

Nordic Search Group has also worked together with international public organizations and NGOs. In our work, we emphasize having a good knowledge of our clients’ organization, management and culture in order to ensure a successful match between candidate and client.

Among other things, we have found candidates for positions such as:

School principals & middle managers, specialists for the Danish regions as well as municipal directors and office managers.