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About us

Our employees have experience of recruiting from the industry which provides us with necessary understanding when dealing with challenges in your industry. You will find that our expertise from years of experience, ensures proficiency and the right methods to find candidates most qualified for your corporate culture.
We believe this is the best foundation for a long and successful collaboration. We will be in dialog throughout the process and at hand for answering any questions you may have.
We employ a proven holistic research method, by using our international network when finding your ideal candidate
You will find that we value ethics, integrity and professionalism. We will be in dialog throughout the process and at hand for answering any questions you may have. As a candidate, you will experience an open and honest process, where we take pride.
Our personal approach, structure and experience provides you with a professional pathway when searching for the right candidate.

We find the candidate that

  • Is professionally and compently qualified.
  • Has experience in lifting the work tasks and solving the problems that the position entails.
  • Have the right motivation and drive to succeed in a new job.
  • Have a personality that fits into your work environment.
  • Have values that fit into your corporate culture.

Your advantages using Nordic Search Group

  • We handle the entire process from the beginning to the end
  • We save you time
  • The entire process is conducted confidentially
  • Local and international network
  • Up to 12 months guarantee
  • High accuracy

Line of industries

We provide Executive Search for both private and public administration. Our consultants have a specialized industry knowledge and can help you – whether you are looking for a director, project manager or a specialist.

Our specific areas of experience are


Nordic Search Group cooperates with IMD international when searching for candidates abroad. IMD international Search Group was founded in 1972

At the office, we have many years of experience with international Executive Search and Search for international employees for Danish companies.

If you need an international profile, we will find the ideal candidate.


  • Board search
  • Executive search
  • Leadership assessment

Managing Partner & Owner

Telefon: +45 7070 1860

Birgitte Dyreborg

Birgitte has a long-standing background in sales and marketing in medical technology and life science companies. She has several years of management experience and

Before Birgitte switched to the consulting industry, she was managing director in Denmark for a leading European medical technology company. Her specialty is the recruitment of directors, managers and specialists for national as well as international companies, especially in the segment of medical technology, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

After seven years in another Executive Search company, including three years as Managing Partner, Birgitte founded Nordic Search Group.​​

  • Certified in the use of business tests: Master management MPA and MSA.
  • Certified in use by PTP, PTL.
  • Certified in Meyers-Briggs type indicator; MBTI
  • Board member at the industry association Search Denmark