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Nordic Search Group – Executive search

Nordic Search Group works with Executive Search, and places candidates at board, director, management and specialist level. We help you through a smooth, elegant and successful hiring process where we find the ideal candidate. The ideal candidate who has just the right competencies and behavior that will fit into your corporate culture.

We act as your professional partner whether it is Executive Search, relocation, outplacement and leadership development. We have years of experience in search and selection and have extensive experience within a wide range of industries.
At Nordic Search Group, we take responsibility from start to finish. We are thourough in our analysis to make sure we understand your organization and the requirements for
competence, personality, and behavior you are looking for in a candidate.

We value ethics, integrity and professionalism. As your close Executive Search partner, you will always have answers to your questions and we will continuously keep you updated on the process. and we will continuously keep you updated on the process. Equally, the candidates experience an open and honest process in which they feel informed and well treated.


Executive Search

Nordic Search Group works with Executive Search, and occupies posts at the Board, Executive, Functional and specialist level.

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Executive Outplacement

We put the leader at the center and make individual Executive Outplacement courses ensuring that the manager gets back to work quickly.

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Spouse Service

Focus on your new employee transition, and let us help your spouse or partner to take the right steps in their new career.

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Leadership Programs

We believe in good management which is key and an important factor for a successful business which everyone can learn.

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