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Construction, Energy and Infrastructure

​Buildings are sometimes created by people, regardless of whether they are homes, businesses, hospitals, shopping centres, bridges or other construction tasks. Curiosity and the desire to challenge conventional thinking is an important driving force when we need to find candidates for Architect, Contractor and Engineering companies.

The energy sector is facing the greatest growth in history due to an ever-increasing energy consumption, but at the same time the companies within this sector must deal with global climate change and create new solutions through, among other things, green/renewable energy.

Increased climate change and ever-increasing urbanization make the need for new thinking in the field of transport even more urgent. Our customers have the expertise for total solutions that ensure the most optimal use of the Danish infrastructure and airport traffic
There is a great demand for candidates with technical skills also combined with management. Our ongoing dialogue with our network and insight into the industry means that Nordic Search Group finds candidates at all levels – across technical and commercial areas. We have an ongoing and close dialogue with our clients and help them find key people in relation to their business strategy and projects.

Thus, we have, among other things, found profiles for positions such as: CEO, CTO, CFO, VP, Directors, Department Managers, Operations Managers, Team Managers, Project Managers and Managers, Technical Project Managers, Process Consultants, Senior Energy Engineers, Project Managers, Business Development Managers, Key Account Managers, Procurement Directors, Site Managers and experts within Contract Managers, Group Legal, Architects and Tender Managers.