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IT and Digital Communication

​In these years, all companies and organizations undergo a transformation, where processes and workflows are changed and reformulated according to digital principles.
The IT industry is at the forefront of this transformation and we at Nordic Search Group advise our clients on which profiles are needed in the company in question and identify candidates who can contribute to the transformative changes that are crucial for the company’s success.
The IT profiles that are in particular demand today are those with skills in the following 3 areas. The Cloud area, including SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service).
Another area that is experiencing strong growth is the Data area, including BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and not least IoT (Internet-of-Things). IoT will become a natural part of companies in the next few years. The challenge will be to integrate the management of all the units into the overall IT infrastructure in a way that does not overburden the organization. This is where AI and robotics technology come into their own, as it enables intelligent automation and management of the IoT devices – cheaply and efficiently.
In line with the increased digitization, Security, including Cybersecurity, Network Security and Data Security is an area where there is a great need for new skills.
We have helped clients find candidates for positions such as BE, FE and Full-Stack developers, BI Consultant and BI Architect, Solutions Architect, Cloud infrastructure specialist and the more commercial roles such as Business Development Manager, CRM Consultant, Solution Sales Manager, Project Manager and many more. At C-level level, within this industry we have, among other things, held positions such as CEO, CIO, CSO and CPO.

Mobile- & Communication

In the past few years, the Mobile & Communications area has experienced a paradigm shift in value streams: away from voice and towards data. The telecommunications industry in Denmark has thus largely merged with the broadband industry today. The traditional telecommunications companies have data in their voice packages and are moving into the broadband market via products or acquisitions, and vice versa broadband companies are moving into the telecommunications market.

​Digital Communication

​In line with increasing digitalisation, companies today experience an increased need to strengthen their digital marketing. The need to find the right candidates with skills in digital marketing is therefore increasing strongly. We are therefore experiencing an increase in inquiries from companies that want our help to find a specific digital profile, as the pool of qualified digital profiles is still limited on the Danish market.
At Nordic Search Group, with our business experience and understanding of this changing market, we have helped clients find and assess talent that can meet the current challenges within the telecommunications and communications industry. We have thus filled positions such as Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Key Account Manager, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Content Manager, Digital Project Manager and e-Commerce Manager, Senior Consultant, Software developers and management positions such as Sales Managers, CIO, VP and CFO.