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GDPR – Compliant recruitment

​Our values ​​are quality, honesty and credibility, and we know that the right employee is of great importance to your company’s results. We always work with a high degree of confidentiality and naturally comply with the Danish Data Protection Authority’s rules and the new personal data regulation – GPPR – applicable as of May 2018.

The new personal data regulation means, among other things, that Nordic Search Group always obtains consent for the storage and processing of personal data from candidates as well as informs clients about the storage of their personal data when creating them in our recruitment system. This happens electronically in the form of an email sent from our recruitment system, where the recipient must accept the storage and processing of data. If we do not receive an acceptance from the candidate within 7 days, all data on the person concerned will automatically be deleted in our system.

One of the new rules in the Data Protection Act is the “right to be forgotten”, i.e. you can choose to have all data deleted when they are no longer relevant in connection with the end of a specific recruitment. This “right to be forgotten” is met by Nordic Search Group with the help of our recruitment system, which systematizes data and deletes all data on the person in question, if the person so wishes.

All candidates who are in the process at Nordic Search Group can therefore safely pass on their personal data, as we comply with the Personal Data Regulation.