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Balder Vendt-Striim

Balder has more than 20 years of valuable experience in leadership, team- and organizational development. Where he, as a consultant, has ensured the companies’ optimal work culture through top management and ensured implementation in all other levels of the organization. Balder has worked with several C25 companies, but also has extensive experience from the SME segment.

Balder has an impressive track record at CXO level and commercial roles in sales, marketing and purchasing.

Balder is particularly passionate about the negotiating table. That is, on the one hand, building and optimizing the sales organization, including marketing, with everything from cold canvas type over AMs, KAMers to sales managers and sales CCO.

On the other hand, Procurement and Supply Chain. Right from the Operational Purchaser over the Strategic Indirect and Direct Category managers to the Master planner, Supply Chain specialists, Project Managers, managers to the CPO.

His in-depth knowledge of the Finance, Telecom, Shipping and Pharmaceutical industries makes him ideal to identify and secure the highest caliber of candidates.

As a former consultant, Balder has extensive experience in advising and assisting in changing organizations to achieve a high performance culture that both attracts and retains the best talent.

Whether you know exactly what profile you need or whether you want sparring on building or reorganizing your sales or purchasing organization, Balder is always ready for a non-binding sparring.